Mystics & Mustangs
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Mystics and Mustangs – Page 1

INT – The Moonshine Saloon – A small saloon in a smaller desert town. July 23, 1860.

Two shady characters, CAIN and ABEL are playing a game of poker. The stakes are low, the whisky is watered down, the cards are covered in grime. The grime, if rubbed on an open wound would cause hepatitis. But neither of them cares. CAIN is wrapped up in listening. ABLE is wrapped up in telling. Sometimes a card is played. But not often.

Point being, it was enough for both of us.

Splitting ten grand down the middle, not exactly your style.

You’re right. It’s not.

ABEL flips three community cards. A new hand begins.

Mystics and Mustangs – Page 2

EXT – The Desert Wastes at Dawn

Disgusting and bound bare feet run across the cool desert sand. The feet belong to BRUCE MAXWELL. But we don’t know who he is yet, or why we should care.

BRUCE takes a moment to rest from his running. He leans on a fencepost, and we see his hands too are bound. He sees a barn in the distance and makes for that.