Mystics & Mustangs
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Mystics and Mustangs – Page 11

We see the bags of money under ABEL’s chair, all identical to the one he had just placed on the table earlier.

His money. His pants. His dignity.

Call. Two Pair.

I tied the bastard up and left him naked in the desert! Straight flush!

ABEL cackles and starts pulling his winnings towards himself.

Suddenly, the drunken peace is broken as BRUCE breaks down the saloon door and unceremoniously kills CAIN and ABEL with the dead FARMHAND’s shotgun.

Mystics and Mustangs – Page 12

BRUCE takes his ELEANOR, and sets the table right again. He puts on his belt, puts on his boots and not a stich more of clothing. He slings the bag of money over his shoulder.