Mystics & Mustangs
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Mystics and Mustangs – Page 15

The water from the collapsed water tower flows around BRUCE’s feet. He marches forward. The woman over his shoulder is not there for some reason. But no matter, he goes towards the cannon. He draws a match from somewhere, and, walking past the cannon, lights the match on its rough surface. He lights the cannon with this match before raising it to his cigar and lighting it (again?)

Mystics and Mustangs – Page 16

The cannon fires, and the Moonshine Saloon explodes in flames and debris, as does the unseen orphanage leased from the saloon on the second floor, that housed at least sixty children who were waiting only for someone to love them. A modern car tire flings itself up into the air from this explosion. Bruce walks away from the explosion, not looking back, as this is what badasses do from time to time on their days off.

The mushroom cloud of an explosion forms the hot sun, and as BRUCE approaches the camera, we see he is dirtier than you once thought, there is sweat on his brow. And then:

(Off Screen.)
What happened to the woman?