Mystics & Mustangs
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Mystics and Mustangs – Page 19

INT – The Moonshine Saloon

BRUCE is still naked. CAIN and ABEL still live. BRUCE is pointing ELEANOR at them and is backing out of the saloon with a plain sack filled with money over his shoulder.

He bumps into the bar, turns and sees some impressive cleavage standing behind it. BRUCE takes a shot of whiskey before noticing the cleavage belongs to a BARMAID. A job interview follows:

BRUCE (Continued)
Tell you what sugar tits. I have a dream. You, me, six other women and a plot of land in Dixie. The only clothes we got are one pair of socks, to share. And you know what? The socks? They’re dirty. What do you say?

The BARMAID retorts with a fist. BRUCE takes this to mean: I’m on the rag and nothing will woo me to your employ this week. Ask again later you charming scofflaw.

Mystics and Mustangs – Page 20

EXT – The desert wastes

BRUCE (Narration, Continued)
– I let her go.

I say you’re running your mouth.

You questioning the verisimilitude of my tale telling Theodore?

I also say you don’t have a clue what that means.

A bullet grazes BRUCES arm. He turns in pain and fires twice wildly, missing.

You see this gun?

BRUCE fires a second shot, hitting the second soldier’s horse.

The horse collapses, throwing up more dust. The second solder gets caught under the horse, his face bloodied. SAM and MISSOURI jump this horse corpse and continues at full tilt.