Mystics & Mustangs
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Mystics and Mustangs – Page 5

INT – The Moonshine Saloon – The sun has beginning to rise.

CAIN and ABLE have near finished their drinks. The bartender had unofficially cut them off several hours ago, and has only been serving water for some time (and at whiskey prices too). The duo are too placebo drunk to notice.

ABEL (Continued)
So we’re twenty miles outside of town, burnin’ the fire low, staying’ outta sight.

Afraid the army’s coming after you?

Listen up you soulless ginger prick. The Colonel’s the closest thing to law that Cali’s got, trying to civilize what ought not and don’t rightly want to be tamed. Then I hear that Madman Missouri’s got a bone to pick with my ‘partner’. Funny how that don’t get mentioned before I sign up.

Nobody gotten the balls to ship that bastard off to the front yet?

Even the higher ups are scared of him. How does someone get that way?

When they get sick and tired of your ugly mug ripping off honest, hardworking people? How did you get that way?

ABEL takes a swig of his drink. He swishes it around his mouth before swallowing.

So Maxwell and me get to talking. He wants to know what I’m doing with my half.

The last community card is dealt.

Mystics and Mustangs – Page 6

INT – The Barn of the Farm in the Wastes.

BRUCE cuts himself free using the hatchet and hunkers as best as he can in the dark of the barn, hatchet in hand.

All the while ABEL narrates:

ABEL (Continued)
And I’m sitting there thinkin’ ‘bout what to say that ain’t ‘kill you and move on to the next bank.’ So I just start going on about my sick daughter who’s in desperate need of one of ‘em prosthetic legs so she can walk to school and become a big city lawyer. And when the river of bullshit runs dry I just start prayin’.

He peeks outside, knowing he made a ruckus and that someone will probably be coming.

EXT – The Barn in the Farm in the Wastes

The unlucky someone is a FARMHAND in a nightgown. He approaches the barn with a lantern in one hand, caution in another, and a rifle in a third to investigate the commotion.

ABEL (Continued)
‘Lord,’ I says, ‘Lord let me see my lil girl smile again. I don’t wanna take her in a wheelbarrow to school no more. It ain’t no good for her self-esteem.’

And Bruce Maxwell, the hardest, meanest criminal this side of the Mississippi looks at me and says: ‘That’s beautiful.’

The FARMHAND goes into the barn-